The Vala H.E.A.T System

The Vala H.E.A.T System

Focused on Your Personal Transformation Journey


A set of unique;

  1. Procedures
  2. Programs
  3. Platform (Technology)


… packaged together for the purpose of Human Empowerment And Transformation, specifically in;

  • Prevention of Illness
  • Propulsion of Wellness




Core Elements


You need 5 things to reach your dreamland (promise land);

  1. Destination = Ultimate Self (all foundation Green = HPS at least 70%)
  2. Vehicle = H.E.A.T Technology
  3. Map = E.A.T Life Maps
  4. Compass = H.E.A.T Life Wheel
  5. Anchor = E.A.T Life Tree



  • This system can take the personal development industry to the next level, based on science & evidence, driven by data, and fueled by technology
  • This system can complement and add value to ANY other organization in the personal growth/development industry
  • This is a great opportunity to build a global community and massively scale up