More about Dr. Vala

my Story


I lost my best friend in war at the age of 18. He was clearing a mine field voluntarily, in an attempt to open the path for his fellow comrades when he exploded. I was devastated. His death led me to deep contemplation and self-reflection, as well as a desire to explore root causes of tragedies like war, and gain a deeper understanding on how we can prevent them.


Then in 2002, I lost my beloved father suddenly. He suffered a massive heart attack, having shown no previous signs of medical illness. This was yet another wake-up call for me, and a call-to-action. Could this have been prevented?


We need to address the sheer volume of illness we have at individual, social, and global levels. In spite of advancements in science, technology and medicine, and the wisdom of countless of humans from the past and present, we are faced today with more illness and suffering than perhaps ever before. The big question is; Why? How can we make meaningful changes in our lives to positively affect the world we live in?


These pressing questions led me on my journey to piece together the puzzle. The culmination of this journey was the 10-year intensive process that led to my book, The Third Vision (2013). Through research, analysis and self-reflection, I found truth in a familiar refrain of Einstein’s: “We cannot solve the dilemmas of humanity with the same minds that created them.”

the problem

The common root of many illnesses which humanity has been suffering from for thousands of years, is the way that the human mind has been conditioned. The current vision we use to understand the truth about ourselves and the world is based on five limited senses. In my book, I refer to this as ‘The Second Vision’. Through this lens, what we observe is not the actual truth about life, but our ‘opinionated reality’… which is in fact just an image of the truth. For us to enter the next stage of human civilization, we need a new lens, a new perspective of life!

the solution

For personal and global transformation to occur, we need a new vision centered around the unconditioned mind; a new mentality and way of thinking to observe our internal and external worlds from different perspectives. We need to remove our “Second Vision Lens” which filters our perception and delivers an inaccurate illusion of the actual Truth. That is what ‘The Third Vision’ is about, a more accurate understanding of the truth, explaining the fundamental principles that apply to different aspects of life, utilizing an evidence-based, scientific approach. My dream is a better world through personal, social, and global coherence and transformation. This life-changing opportunity can help you become a better person and lead to a better world!