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  “Human beings are born like seeds, designed to become fully grown trees! But what is holding YOU back from becoming your ultimate tree?”


The human Body as one unified entity, in coherence with the other foundations. This revolutionary approach to managing your Body leads to the prevention of numerous chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other chronic diseases


one unified entity, coherent with the other foundations, leads to the prevention of numerous psychological disorders. Today more than 30 classes of mental disorders have been defined by the American and International Psychiatric Associations,  could there be a common denominator?


 the human Soul as one unified entity, in coherence with the other foundations. Through modern science and technology, and demonstration of simple experiments, the myths about the Soul and who we really are, will be demystified.


Limitations of our current vision about the society and the lack of understanding of the entire world as one single system, has led to its fragmentation and the myriad of social illnesses we’re faced with today. Crime, poverty and wars are only a few of these examples. 

“Empowering Humans, Transforming Humanity, Through Science & Evidence”

The H.E.A.T Movement involves members and followers who wish to achieve personal, social, and global transformation. The goal is to create a worldwide community of like-minded individuals who wish to create a positive CHANGE, hoping for a more peaceful planet and better humanity. The H.E.A.T Academy is a digital wellness platform designed to unlock your full human potential and help YOU achieve your goals and dreams in a scientific and evidence-based approach, and a network of positive thinkers to support you in your journey.

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Dr. Vala’s talk on his new book, ” Third Vision”, was an honest introduction to his simple and comprehensive approach for a better understanding of the underlying factors behind conflicts, crises and sufferings on personal, societal and international levels from spiritual, psychological and biological perspectives. With the aid of a slide show he made the audience interested and curious to read his new book. Listening to his talk made me even more intrigued to read the Third Vision. –  Nikoo Razavi

“I did not get a chance to read the book until I attended the public lecture at the West Vancouver Library on April 16th. The talk was very engaging. I particularly liked his psychoanalytic approach to address some of the critical problems we, as human beings, encounter. Now, the book is on my priority reading list and I will be starting on it soon.”-  Kouhyar Tavakolian Ph.D

” The practical concepts and the book (the third vision) which is a great tool that you shared will be easy to remember and apply—not just personally, but globally as well!  you have proven yourself a man of rare insight, honest, able to put across a powerful message in a captivating way. You have the unique ability to craft your message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience. It was such a great pleasure attending your presentation and meeting you and your support team personally. Thank you for all of your efforts in making this world a better place and preventing human kind from its own tragedy. I will certainly be attending your next and every speech and public event.” – Zanyar Farhadi

The Third Vision

The science of Personal Transformation

This book introduces a new vision, a simple and comprehensive approach to understanding different aspects of humanity, and the complexities of this world, exemplified by a collection of extraordinary stories, and supported by a pile of science and evidence.

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